A local relocation is supposed to be a simple process that you can carry out through a couple of trips between your new location and your old one. It could even be done in a couple of days, right? Well, many things can go wrong even during such a seemingly easy process, especially if you don’t hire professional movers. It is familiar to all of us that making mistakes is the best opportunity for learning and gaining experience. In many aspects of our lives, we are encouraged to try many things and make mistakes to widen our horizons. However, when it comes to moving, whether it is local or cross-country moving, it is not a good time nor place to learn from your mistakes, since it can cost you a lot of time, money, and energy. That is why thinking about everything in advance and seeking help from professional movers is something that you should consider when it comes to moving. When it comes to moving within the same city, most people imagine it’s the easiest relocation to plan. However, there are many ways to underestimate this process. First, a local move can be complicated just like the long-distance one. Second, besides the distance of the relocation, many factors will affect this process. The size of the inventory, the nature of the move, and other circumstances will decide how easy and efficient your local move will be. There are many mistakes to avoid during a local move, and we are going to bring you the top you can make. We won’t mention the obvious mistakes such as failing to hire the best professional movers in the LA or losing your bill of lading. No, today’s article will be focused on those mistakes people can easily make, and they are more frequent than you might think.

Not preparing the budget

The amount of money you’ll need for a local move

The amount of money you’ll need for a local move can vary. Depending on the size of your inventory and the type of items you need to move, it can be more or less affordable. For example, a local move of a luxury mansion full of antiques can be more expensive than a one-bedroom long-distance relocation. So, before you decide to hire reliable local movers in your city, make sure to know your moving costs. In case you don’t know how to calculate them, you can always rely on the internet. Many online moving cost calculators will help you save money and time.

Not researching local movers enough

So, have you decided to hire professional local movers? Great, it is even better and your items will be safer this way. But, your items will be safer only if you hire experienced professional movers, not the first one on the list. Certainly, it is not enough to type local movers near me, book the first company on the list, and hope for the best. There are numerous local movers out here and not all of them can fit your needs, which is normal. So how can you find the right local movers Los Angeles? Firstly, check with your neighbors, friends, and family members who live in the same town as you if they have moved recently and if they can recommend their local movers. If that is not the case, type on your Internet search ‘local movers near me’ and start reading reviews, checking websites, and everything you can find online. After you find a certain number of moving companies that seem to be convenient for you, call them to hear what they are offering. Ask the right questions – about prices, services, packing, etc. After you confirm that a local moving company is right for you, don’t hesitate, book your move-in time and make sure you save the date that suits your needs.

moving company truck with The Best sign, local movers

Not doing enough research before hiring professional movers Los Angeles may result in a bad hire, and that can be terrible for your overall home relocation. There is a lot of demand for professional movers everywhere because they help make home relocation a lot easier. But, you also need to research the local movers well because you don’t want to hire a mediocre relocation company or pay more because of a lack of options. Unfortunately, many people do not do enough research and end up hiring a mediocre relocation company. Many get lured by the extremely cheap prices and do the mistake of hiring such local movers, and then getting fooled by them. Hence, avoid companies that offer abnormally low prices and go for moving companies with good credentials. 

Handing over your belongings to inefficient and inexperienced local movers can be very risky. And hence it becomes very important for you to do enough research, read every review, compare prices and then decide on hiring professional movers. Take estimates from several companies, compare rates properly and then make the choice as per your preference and needs. You should also read the fine print and terms of services and the contract very carefully before signing and agreeing to hire chosen local movers. This is one common mistake many commit when moving and you need to beware of it.

Not hiring professional movers

If you think that professional movers are not necessary during the local move, you might be wrong. In some cases, a DIY move can be the most simple solution for moving locally. However, handling heavy or fragile inventory will be the trickiest part of the process. The process of moving sometimes can be more complicated than you have planned from the start. You need to think about so many things. Relocating can be difficult and stressful enough as it is. Relocating from one home to another is not the best time for mistakes and trials. As well as that, moving mistakes can cost you money, time, and wasted energy on necessary things. Nevertheless, if you are trying local moving mistakes to avoid from start you will have successful relocation in the end. The whole process of moving will be more pleasant at the end. One of the most important things in the process of moving is to hire good and professional movers Los Angeles. Burbank Movers can make your relocation goes smoothly and easily. Our LA movers are well trained for every type of moving and have the best equipment for local relocating services.

Packing at the last moment

One of the most often mistakes people can make is to underestimate their packing and leave it for the last moment. Don’t be that person. As for moving, packing your belongings requires planning as well. If you decide to hire professional movers to pack your belongings, you won’t have to worry about a thing. On the other hand, if you plan to do the packing on your own, you will have to start a few weeks before moving day. The golden rule of packing is to start with the least used rooms and continue towards the rooms that you are using daily. Don’t forget to get quality packing materials that will ensure your items are safe and sound during the process.

Packing everything you own

Worker hands holding packing machine and sealing cardboard or paper boxes

Moving provides an excellent opportunity to purge items you no longer need and want. Most people are hoarders to some extent. Items we have an emotional connection to or associate a good memory with are sometimes difficult to let go. Can you come up with a better idea for getting rid of unwanted items than moving with professional movers? Either way, you will have to go through a bunch of furniture and personal belongings, and you have a perfect opportunity to declutter. Not only it will be easier for you and local movers to move when you are not moving things that you already don’t want, but also you don’t want to pack up your new home with things that you do not want to have. You will also save a lot of money on LA movers, as you will have fewer items to pack and move.

Not labeling boxes

Have you finally managed to pack all of your items? Do you think you’ve gotten over the hardest part of your residential relocation? Then we suggest you give it a second thought as you might be forgetting to do one very important thing – labeling your moving boxes. Not only should you include information about the box’s contents on the outside of the box, but you should also include handling instructions. A simple FRAGILE on the side of a box could save your items by urging your LA movers to treat your items with extra care. Labeling the boxes after packing the items is a must, and you must never skip it. It is very much necessary for you to label the boxes to track down your belongings later on while unpacking. In addition, labeling helps in better protection of the goods as well.

In other words, if you have labeled the box full of delicate items, then automatically, even the local movers will know that it contains fragile items and will handle the box with utmost care. On the other hand, if you haven’t labeled it correctly, no one will understand that it contains items that are too fragile and needs careful handling. Similarly, labeling the boxes with the types of items it contains can save plenty of your time when unpacking. So always label the boxes and indicate what it contains may be room wise or item-wise and then how to place and handle the boxes.

Not taking a moving insurance

You can plan your moving perfectly and do everything carefully and still get some of your items damaged. Even if you hire professional movers, you can get in a situation where some of your things get broken and scratched along the way, since accidents can always happen, no matter how well you or local movers handle things. That is why you should always think about getting insurance. If you move by yourself, make sure to explore different companies and offers. If you move by some local movers, they are usually obliged to provide you with some kind of insurance, but you have to talk to your movers Los Angeles and find out every detail about it. So, getting the additional insurance is not something you have to do, for sure, but if you have some very valuable belongings, you should get additional insurance. Also, be careful when hiring professional movers and find licensed and insured local movers. This way you will have peace of mind when it comes to your relocation. And, trust me, insuring your move does not create too much of a difference in the overall moving costs. In fact, not insuring your move can end you up in more trouble, in case anything goes wrong.


Moving a house safely and successfully without damaging any of the goods, takes a lot of planning and effort. And at times handling the whole process of relocating can become stressful. On top of that, you need to take care of so many things, all at the same time, that it becomes really difficult to avoid certain mistakes. And mistakes mean, it’s going to affect you badly and you will end up with bad and stressful moving experience. While some of the moving mistakes can still be managed, a few of these can lead to a lot of unnecessary expenses and complications in moving. If there is an upcoming local or interstate move on the cards and want to avoid the common mistakes people make when relocating, this was the right article. Apart from listing the common mistakes, people make when relocating, our movers Los Angeles are also sharing effective solutions on how to avoid those mistakes. If you have any prior experience of moving a house, then you might have committed some of these moving mistakes already. But, the key to avoiding these mistakes is to have a proper plan in place and to hire professional movers. You can never have a successful and hassle-free home relocation unless you have planned everything minutely and perfectly. And then, your plans must fall in place, because there are other stakeholders involved as well, like your moving partner or the moving company you are working with. And if you want to have a safe, secured, and hassle-free moving experience, then it’s worth reading this post. Besides, did you know that in Burbank Movers we only allow registered and credible interstate local movers? You just need to get a free moving quote and get in touch with our LA movers.

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