Frequently Asked Questions

Why use professional movers?

If you want to have a peace of mind, someone who will do heavy lifting for you and take care of your belongings safely and carefully – you should hire the professional movers. Not only someone will take care of your belongings, but someone will organize and plan everything for you.

Where to find movers and packers?

The best way to find a local movers is to check with your friends and family if they have had local movers recently. If not, it is time to do your research and go to Google. Type “local movers near me” and start reading reviews, collecting information, checking websites etc. After you did your research start making calls and ask whatever you would like to know from your potential local movers.

How movers charge?

Local movers can charge the hourly rates, flat rates, per items, per bedrooms etc. That is something that depends on a moving company. The best way to find out how the movers charge is to ask your local movers. Usually they will explain it as soon as you call. Find something that is suitable for your budget and that suits your needs.

When to pay movers?

Local movers usually charge at the end of the move for their services. But again, check with your local movers how and when do they charge for their services. Your dedicated sales representative is the main point of contact who should explain everything to you.

Can movers move one piece of furniture?

Movers can move one piece of furniture and home that is over 5000 sq ft, whatever you need, it just depends if that fits in your budget. Usually customers think that hiring a local movers for one piece of furniture is expensive. But if that is something that is within your budget, of course your local movers can help you.

Will movers move Ikea furniture?

In general, Ikea furniture is light and not that heavy that professional movers can’t move it. The only thing that local movers avoid is to disassemble your Ikea furniture due to quality if it gets disassembled ones.

What movers will not move?

This is something that depends on your local movers. Usually local movers avoid moving grand pianos, pool tables, medical equipment or anything that is too fragile and too sensitive to be moved. Good thing is that you can find specialized moving companies for any type of item that you have.

Movers who pack your stuff?

Any professional movers can help you with packing your miscellaneous and personal belongings, you should just ask them for a full pack service as well on the phone so they can explain if they charge something extra for packing or not. Anyhow, it is always a great decision if you can hire your local movers for packing as well because they will take care of your items safely and carefully.

Are movers liable for damage?

If you hire movers that are licenced and insured then they are liable for damages that might occur. You should always check if your local movers are insured even if that means you will have to hire local movers that are more expensive than you planned, you don’t want to risk the safety of your belongings.

Why use piano movers?

If you called local movers and they recommended moving all of your belongings but a piano because they are not sure if they can safely transport it – you should hire piano movers. Not only you won’t have to think about the safety of your valuable and expensive piano, but you will have someone who will do it for an affordable price for you.